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trying to keep up…

my dearest beautiful mi gente, so much more to share. i want to share more today but will not.
I am in the midst of: printing T-Shirts and sending out personalized notes and orders, writing feedback for the completion of my upcoming website, doing laundry, updating moanalove bodega for new orders to come through, resting and taking care of myself (i felt the sniffles and a cold coming on today–no, stand back <insert my vitamin c and air borne> i’m resting too!), prepping for tomorrow, and eating some rice and beans, that’s what I am craving right now and staying grounded in my dreams fulfilled.
and its already 10:08 pm.
i wanted to post today. so this is what i got. this is for you.
check the visuals. i love you. te amo. te amoana. i love myself. ‘ofa atuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

a many, many days in the dark room/red room! i learned so much about the emulsion process!!! i learned so much from my mistakes...never give up

Car Wash anyone? Yes, that's where I wash all my screens!

My latest T-Shirt design titled, "Eye Am the Eye of the Storm"

"Frida Kahlo Mixes Paint" in GOLD ink on a BLACK t-shirt--Fieeerceeee!

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