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It has taken us 12 years to do this. We are going on tour…hold up. We want you to know that we are not just

going on tour, we are creating this tour.
We are making this happen for ourselves. No, no one has asked us to create this tour or is paying us millions of dollars to do this. Nope. We doing it ourselves–WITH YOU!

Ever have a DREAM you want so bad, ever want PEACE sooo much in the world, that you can no longer stuff it in, shut it up, settle and go on with your life?

We ask you to come on this SOUL-JOURNEY-TRUTH-TOUR with us…For the past 2 years, we have been in preparation for this tour–cleaning up all the areas in our lives; telling ourselves the truth & accepting it even if it doesn’t feel so good; facing our fears and STILL being in action when we are afraid and nervous–and we ask you to join us!

Our Indiegogo Campaign:

We have 30 days to raise $15,000.00! We ask you to donate $7.00 or more. We want everyone to be a part of this with us, we don’t want to leave anyone out. Every dollar counts and we thank you for supporting us. Please share far and wide–facebook, twitter, smart phone, iPhone, rotary phone, your phone, your Mama’s phone. We would love for you to share and spread the word.

Here is our video:

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Palestine, Dublin, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Florence and Rome

Lah Tere tells me today on our conference call, “Mo, this is it. This is what your whole life is going to go into. This is what you have always wanted. The world is ready. We are brave hearts, visionaries and change agents. This is possible.”

Are you living your dreams?

Are you surrounded by people who have the same dreams as you do?

What would you do to make your dreams reality?

Do you believe that anything is possible?
Yes. I do, indeed.

Dreams Fulfilled.

Souljourney Truth Tour  SEPTEMBER 2012:
Dublin, Ireland
London, England
Madrid & Barcelona, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Florence and Rome, Italy

…more to come…stay tuned…

‘ofa atu

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day 16
today’s post is dedicated to mi gurls, mi hoooomeeeegurlz, La Chata aka E-LO and Gab*Star. Life has just begun…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, yo, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. punto.

Here is to 11 YEARS in the MAKING!!!!!!!

are you ready? Let’s get it!

As the year 2011 ends later on this month, I have to say, its been one of the most eye y heart opening-soul shifting and revolutionary years of my life! Last year in May 2010, I announced to Mahina Movement, mi hermanaz y colleagues y mi partners in creativity, la musica y transformation, that it is time….it is time for our first tour! AND it is time for us to go to EUROPA! Gabby and Erica listened to my proposal carefully and with full attention. I told them why this tour is so needed not only for us but for the world. I told them, reminded them, how this has always been a dream of ours and that we need to realize this now! This is it. We only got this life now. Yes, now. We all got moved by who we are to each other. “We are each other’s body.” <<<FYI: Did you know that we all have 3 arms? And those arms are called: Gabby, Erica and Moana. Ask Gabby and Erica about their 3 arms.>>> They said, “Yes, it shall be done!” We started putting our intentions and year action-dreams fullfilled now-plan together. Our daily conversations were–and still are!–about this tour. Gabby sent Erica and I every single action that needed to be done in order for us to have successful tour. On our weekly calls, we tweeked it, edited it, changed it. We have been running–sometimes walking, only a few crawling, always being a TEAM–ever since that first enrollment and registration conversation. Our TEAM has not worked like how we are working now! All of us are feeling and being team, delicious partnership, and harmonizing through making this happen. Erica is super focused and intentional; she does bring the fire of amazing listening and getting actions done. Gabby is super organized and leadership all the way; she mos def bring the earth and groundedness to our group. I am super visionary and light and yes, i do bring the smack down–in a fun way peeps. I am the air/wind of our group which completes us as Earth, Wind and Fire. We didn’t announce our tour ’til this year in Aug 2010…how amazing, and yes, I can believe it (in the recent past, I would always say, “I can’t believe this! I can’t believe it!” when something amazing would occur, not I am so present to the reality, Yes, I can believe it. Is is fact. It’s happening.) that Eve Ensler is one of our presenters for our first tour, Souljourney Truth Tour. I can’t wait to meet her and say “THANK YOU. I LOVE YOUR WORK.” Stay tuned for our “other presenters” for they are in the works. I can’t wait to announce them…when they say, YES!

Summer of 2000

Our 1st Mahina Movement Benefit! Fall 2000. Brooklyn, NY

It was my senior year at New York University. The year was 2000. The new millenium. Everyone could feel it. I know I could! This was the year to give birth to a new century, a new time, a new life. I was feeling great and greatness. I wanted to give and be my best self. I wanted to give the world all of my passion, leadership, art, music, poetry, my stories, my rage and my anger and my sadness which underneath all of that was  ALL MY DELICIOUS GREATEST LOVE and most importantly, I wanted to give the world and universe my endless possibilities! I wanted to create, create, create everything I always dreamed of. I wanted to be able to say, when I was 80 years old, “Yes, yessssss, ‘lil ones, in the year 2000, the new millenium, I did this. I was here. And I was fierce. We were phenomenal.” I knew this was the time to do that, this was my year to make “something happen.” This was the year Mahina Movement was born, in the Summer of 2000. We started out with 6 women in Mahina Movement. Now there are 3. Gabby, Erica and I, we’s a trinity, I like to say. Erica likes to say we are the underground Destiny’s Child–cuz we started with 6 and now we’s a trio.
Now today, I am so proud to say, with great respect and honor and joy and luuuuuvvv and greatness and passion, that Mahina Movement is still alive and kicking it!!! Today we are 11 years old! cheeeeeeee huuuuuuuuuu! We are one of the few performance group/collectives which were born in 2000 and we are one of the few that have lasted, striving, building, building and building. Really, we have just begun…

Mahina Movement 2011

Tomorrow is our weekly conference call (we have 2 calls per week: one on Mondays, the other on Fridays) and there is still so much I need to get done. I love coming on our calls, saying, Yes, I completed all the actions I said I was going to do. However, over the years, we have exercised our Mahina Movement muscles of coming on the call to say the what’s so and not being attached to how we feel about it, especially if we did not do what we said we were going to do. So, I gotta mention that too: I love coming our calls and saying too, Peeps, I did not do x,y,z or I did not do anything I said I was going to do. Actually, you should try it sometime, it is really FREEEEING, to just saying the what’s so: what happened and what didn’t happen. its highly effective. From there, we work as a team to look at what needs to be put in place for it to ACTUALLY happen: is support needed? what kind of support do you need? For me, I really just have to look at the type of conversations I am having with myself. Is it empowering or is disempowering? I have learned that when I do not do something I said I was going to do I punish myself and put myself down. Yo, that takes a lot of energy and negative energy at that. No, thank you’s anymore to those conversations. Now I can see I do that. When I do it again, I acknowledge it, and I say, Ohhh, really, you want to stop me from being in action? I don’t think so. And then I go about my business taking care of my business. Yep, that’s how I do it.
That said my peeps, now I’m gonna go in real focused em-powerd and power-ful and power tool-let’s get things done and complete mode right now. I have communications to be had with folks all over Europe, in Italy, England, France, Spain and Ireland…we got a tour to work on people! Let’s get it!

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