Gotta write mas. Gotta write now.

Dear World, Dear Community:
How y’all doing? For the whole month of July I have been on vacation in Virginia and it feels great!!!! I absolutely love vacation, yo. Like true, vacation. Yes, I have been doing things here and there, a little bit of this but not at all doing LOTS which I am use to doing: doing and thing about 20 things at a time.

I’m ready to WRITE!
Anaheim, Aurora, Chick-Fil-A, Coco Cola out of Bolivia, the Olympics…ahhh so much to write about…I’m going to make the time this week to at least put my thoughts together.

Starting today, August 1, 2012, I am challenging myself to post on my blog for 30 consecutive days.

I want to leave you with the super inspiring great life of Gore Vidal. R.i.p.eace, power, y perfection.
He thinks essays were the best kind of writing! And I have been thinking of publishing a book of essays for the longest time. I think I agree with him about essays. I absolutely love essays!


This is for you.

This is for you.
You are Dreams Fulfilled. Don’t Stop. Everything has already turned out to the best and this right now, is the journey.
This is it. This now is it. You got this. Life has just begun.

with all my love y deep respect,
‘Ofa atu,

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jumping off cliffs y building my own wings on the way…UP

“You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.”
-Ray Bradbury, r.i.p.eace, power & perfection

On the day of his death (June 5, 2012), a friend, Lauren Over, shared with me as she was driving me to Orchard Academies in Bell, California (A city in Los Angeles county) Ray Bradbury’s (above) quote. It stuck with me since that day. This is my life. It was another day of painting a 14 wall mural 18′ x 354′ at Orchard Academies. This is my first (evaaa!) mural project that I am the Artistic Director and Lead Artist! That’s right, I had a lot to learn and am still learning. There has been a lot of stumbling and falling and tripping and climbing (I was on scaffolding on the daily, going up, coming down, going up, coming down. My hands had blisters and they were so use to climbing bars that after 24 hours off the scaffolding and on the other coast of the USA, my hands were still in the climbing bars position when I was sleeping.) I was in LA for 3 weeks and will return July 22, 2012 – August 19, 2012 to complete this mural which is called, RAICES MURALES.

The “real” Zainab standing in front of the painted portrait of Zainab. North East wall (Wall #1). Bell, CA

First day of priming the walls! I got paint in my face and in my eye and I love it. Awesome. Bell, CA

We are creating and painting the UNIVERSE!!! Bell, CA

CHILDREN OF THE SUN: Zainab, George, y Armando.
North East wall (Wall #1). This wall is almost done. Bell, CA

for more pictures of RAICES MURALES, check out my album on facebook:

My life more than ever–choosing being Artist, choosing living life by my truth and art and owning it with my heart, mind, body and soul–is jumping off cliffs and learning how to fly. Like NOW. Not tomorrow or later in a few minutes. Now.  (Thank you Lauren. Thank you Mr. Bradbury for sharing a beautiful life, imagination, commitment, and your truth on this planet. I remember reading your stories when I was a kid with my big brother, David. David loooovves your stories.) I was sharing with my mentor/comrade/coach/co-leader/friend, Ernest, that I am scared and nervous–I’m taking on a new adventure. I will definitely share with you about it later–and he told me, “Moana, remember, it’s context. That same energy can be excitement. Which context do you choose?” Dang sun, I choose excitement. I’m helllaaaaaa excited! Dang, sometimes I don’t know what to do with  myself except just live my dreams on tha daily. LOL. palabra. Excitement it is and I’m excited in building my wings.

I am now in Manassas, Virginia (was in NYC for a day yesterday) and will be here for the next few weeks to get some much needed rest (When I was in LA, I was waking up at 5:00 am on that daily, started painting at 6:00 am and stopped painting at 9:00 pm, just to clean up and leave the Mural site at 9:30 pm sometimes 10 pm); PAINT, PAINT, PAINT (I absolutely love painting!!! I will be doing some new paintings!!! My goal is to do a painting everyday); doing some more production/prep work for RAICES MURALES (there is soooo much to get done before I return to LA later this month); launch my very first World Mural Tour kickstarter campaign–ahhhhhhhh, it’s happening! 1st confirmed wall is in DUBLIN, IRELAND with the Axis Arts Community Center in Ballymun, mi familia, I love this community. I will also continue working on the production and prep of Mahina Movement’s SOULJOURNEY TRUTH TOUR 2012, ohhh sookie sookie. Shameless plug: Listen to us on WBAI RADIO NYC 99.5 FM. We were live on the program, “First Voices Indigenous radio” hosted by our good friend and brother, Tiokasin Ghosthorse. Click on this link and look up First Voices Indigenous radio Thursday June 28, 2012 9:03 am Mahina Movement is going to have our working weekend retreat next weekend and I’m so looking forward to some fun, hard work and lots and lots of gooooood food. That’s how we roll, peeps. Also, I’m catching up on some much needed journal writing time and meditation, dog walks, reading, reading and reading and spending countless hours on the phone talking to family/friendz all over the world…. And are there any cooool movies/documentaries/films you have seen lately? Send them my way and I will check it out. I luuuvvvv chilaxin’ watching some good flix before I go back out “into the work” and “into the wild.”

And tonight…Are you in NYC?

I’m sending a huge shout out to my best amazing friend, sister, fam bam, Gabriella Callender for her show tonight, “LANDING ON EARTH.” I am so proud of her and I am blessed to have this amazing musician, singer, song writer on my path. If you are Brooklyn tonight, stop by and give the rest of my fam bam some love.
Here is the info:

Tonight! Friday June 29, 2012 Come join us for Landing On Earth!
Gabriella Callender/ DJ Oja!

* Children friendly, bring the whole Family!

Opening the Set with Singer-Songwriter Kyra Gaunt w/ Tomas Doncker on guitar /vocals!

Projected Visuals by Vanissa Chan!

Visiting Organization: Friends of the Congo!

Landing on Earth: A Monthly Folk Fusion Experience

The Last Friday of Each Month @ Two Moon Art House and Cafe

315 4th, Brooklyn, NY


Performed by Gabriella Callender and DJ Oja!

$10.00 cover Drinks/Food for purchase

Next show: Friday, June 29th

Landing On Earth is a monthly celebration and inquiry of the human experience through the use of song.

On the last Friday of each month, in a cozy cafe in Brooklyn, Gabriella Callender and DJ Oja take you on a herstorical journey of the human experience from the dawn of time until the present.

In a musical conversation between the artists and the audience we dialogue about peace, war, patriarchy, domination, love, power and the human propensity to overcome the ego.

Folk music is the basic element we use to take this journey and it is fused with beats, sound, visual projections, and readings from herstorical texts.

We showcase independent visual artists, vendors and organizations.

Please come and join us for the next Landing On Earth show

P.S. Our intention of our Mahina Movement SOULJOURNEY TRUTH TOUR 2012 is to have each and every woman (the woman inside of every man, boy, girl, trans on the planet) own her voice. I shall begin with owning my own voice. I will be making more and more art. I’m unstoppable in my art making. Whether you like it or not, hate it or love it, that is not my job nor is that a part of my intention. The intention of my art making is to hold the integrity of my voice and it’s TRUTH. My job is to keep on making it, non-stop. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your listening. ‘Ofa atu.

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Happy Birthday David Niumeitolu!

35 years old.
Happy Birthday to my amazing brother David Niumeitolu, father of 8 children (my beautiful nieces and nephews), husband to the beautiful Ronnie Mailo Niumeitolu, my older brother, and the only son. Thank you for all that you are and have giving us. I’m so proud of you. And of course, you know, you share this day with Malcolm X ~ Happy Birthday David & Malcolm!

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Kindness is my business

I found myself in a meeting where one of the managers of the project I was working with said (which sounded like a demand), “You should not be kind or open hearted here. That is not the way to be with these people. I would take the business approach of just following the structure. That is the way you want to be.”

1st thing: Red flag alert. Obviously this person does not know me, my values and what I stand for. Or they just didn’t get the memo.
2nd thing: My business is about making a difference for everyone: first and foremost, the client. second of all, my team. This is what I value. This is what I am standing in my whole life. #Eternity
3rd thing: Call it what you want: soft, vulnerable (haven’t you heard? Vulnerability is where it’s at. It creates awesome results. I’m an artist for crying out loud. Try it today.) push over, whatever. Being kind makes a difference for me and people around me. Having an open heart where ever I go is not easy baby and it’s definitely not being a push over. Look here, I’m standing and I’m gonna keep on standing. I generate this on the daily–in circumstances of rudeness, ignorance, avoidance, disagreement, violence, and the list goes on, I live in NYC and I’m still going to be in ALOHA and ‘OFA. You may be afraid of having your heart broken, so you close it, protect it, defend it. There’s nothing to protect over here. Love is my infinite millions. It can’t be stopped. That is where my life lives.  Call it being a Hippie–if only you knew, this is as Gangstaaa as it gets. The Gangsta of Love.

I am very blessed to say that I am no longer working with this manager and the project. I am grateful for this. For this open space that I have now will be a clearing for what I want to work and spend my time and value: People who are committed to making a difference: through kindness, love, passion, determination, jokes, authenticity, vulnerability, joy, and community. This is what I am standing for.

And I aint gonna stop….

which has me share this great piece of news:

Speaking of getting what I asked for: People who are committed to making a difference through kindness, love, passion, determination, jokes, authenticity, vulnerability, joy, and community.

Confirmed: SOULJOURNEY TRUTH TOUR: Mahina Movement will be performing and doing a workshop in Dublin, Ireland at I will also be painting a mural with the community representing the powerful legacy and future of Irish women. We will be in Dublin, Ireland from Sept. 1 – Sept. 5, 2012. See you there!

…and this is how I do business.


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NYC to LA to NYC to LA and back to NYC…to get to LA again…

pencil on paper.
Harlem Baby USA World
draft drawings for drawing, painting and T-Shirt design for Abstract Nomadic Media (AbNomad)’s documentary feature film, “Nosotros los de la Saya / We of the Saya.”
drawing from a photo, Foto tomado por Sergio Daniel Estrada López. Sergio, tenia que robar esta foto tan linda que ustedes tomaron. Con compasión sostenemos al mundo…..
Los Yungas, Bolivia

Sometimes I feel like I am on Pacific time living in NYC.
Sometimes I am living in multiple worlds at a time: NYC, LA, Utah, Virginia, Tonga, Ireland and South Africa…I so miss South Africa right now.
And sometimes, I actually am living in all these worlds in “eastern time.”

Today I took on being BOLD. and yesssss, I took this on like no kdding. I’m very proud of myself actually. I feel like a new person, a new being that is still human.
Dreams Fulfilled.

I will be in LA for the whole month of June (this means I will be spending my Birthday in LA! Beach!)
painting multiple murals in Bell! Ohhhhhhhhh, I am way too excited and I waaaaaaaay can’t hide it.

Before I go to LA, I will complete:
-speak with Cornel West and Michael Moore and make my unreasonable requests this Friday.
-complete Silk Screening designs for 2 amazing people’s projects I totally believe in–wait and see my friends.
-have my 2nd Silk Screening class in NYC! whoop, whoop
-create all our Souljourney Truth Tour packages. I am so humbled and inspired by creating this.
-complete a successful coaching program with my participants in SELP (ahhhhh, what a freakin’ amazing program! This was the program of my Lifetime, like for reaaaalllllz)
-complete drawing for Murals!!! soooo inspired by the students’ drawings, watch out y’all!
-attend my capoiera classes, must do this. Talk with Michael about mural in his center, ohhh lalala.
-My Introduction to the Landmark Forum for Women, this is going to be an amazing night, come and invite your women: Thurs. May 24, 2012; 7 – 10 pm. Where: Landmark Education 317-A West 33rd Street; NYC, NY. (between 8th and 9th Ave.)
-attend Jaylyna’s performance at BB King’s, she is opening up for Slum Village. yayyy!
-have my 2nd Photo Shoot on May 26th. word up!
-hug all my loved ones. share the love. let people in my life know I love them so much.
-hug myself and tell myself te amoana. smile. drink lots of water.
-Oh yeah, this weekend I am doing my 2nd Communication Course: Power to Create. I am beyond thrilled to attend this.

‘ofa lahiiiiiiiiiii atu.
thank you universe.
malo ‘aupito.

dreams fulfilled.


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soul. journey. truth. tour. we. doing. this. aqui.

Let’s talk marketing…

Last night, Mahina Movement (Gabby, Erica y moi) went to the General Green restaurant in Brooklyn to meet up with Tara, an amazing marketing woman. This was the 1st time that Mahina Movement has had a conversation with a professional marketer.

We told her our plan. We told her who we are. We told her out intentions for the tour. We told her what we are out to accomplish in the world. We told her everything. We told her our fears and concerns. We told her our possibilities and stands. She got it all and she put us into action.

Along with the caramel ice cream, caramel syrup and caramel cake and pretzels we had for desert, which was complete heaven, we were left in complete inspiration and living our full, big lives. We got actions to do people. We got intentions to fulfill. We got who we are to the world. Thank you.

Thank you so much Tara for working with us.

See you in 2 weeks.

Life is delicious.

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Dreams Fulfilled. Ask & you shall receive.

Photo by the dude in in the park we asked to take our picture so Will can be in it! Thank you!
From L to R: Carol, Nyaae, JL, Sisa, Moana, Espe, Sally y Imani. Center: Will

Like for reals, today was AWESOME! Actually this whole week was awesome. Actually this whole month was AWESOME!

I woke up at 4:30 am today for my 1st Photo Shoot of my brand new T-Shirt/fashion clothing company re:spect. Everything just fell into place, perfectly. Yes, there were minor breaks downs here and there but it never broke the flow. I learned so much today about doing fashion photo shoots, huge amounts, I can’t wait for the next one! However, what was so great about today was that I was 100 percent present to that the Universe loves me, the Universe loves us. One of the locations we had our Photo Shoot was under the bridge near Fair way and we saw that someone spray painted on one of the columns, “poem” in pink. Everyone kept on saying, “Did you write that? Did they know we were coming?” Yes, they did. Yes, they did. The Universe loves us. Another beautiful thing that happened today out of so many, was that no one lost anything or got anything stolen. We were in 5 different locations outside today. Everyone went home with what they brought with them. The Universe loves us.

I asked for a clear blue sky. Check. Got it.
I asked for amazing, beautiful, talented and fierce people. Check. Got it.
I asked for a Fabulous day of fun and joy. Check. Got it.
I asked for Love to give and to receive. Check. Got it. Love surrounds me constantly.

Thank you everyone for making my dream a reality. I can’t wait to see the final photos y video! Coming soon…Muchas gracias William Orellana, Sisa Bueno, Insytephotography Tweet Iveephotography, Esperanza Martell, Erika Nyaae, Jana Lynne Umipig, Carol Serrano, Sally Hyppolite, Dominque and thank you so mucho Gab*StarGabriella Callender for all your support y love! I know you performed AMAZING tonight!! I’m so sorry I missed it Sister! Dreams Fulfilled.

1st Photo Shoot for re:spect
Photographer1: William Orellana
Filmmaker/Documenter: Sisa Bueno
Photographer 2: Imani, Insyte Photography
Accessories Artsit: Sally Hypollite DIVINE DESIGNS for the (god’is) in you
Photography Assistant & Production: Carol Serrano
Models: Espe, JL, Nyaee, Dominique, Imani and Carol
Creator: vaimoana litia makakaufaki nniumeitolu aka Moana Love
Saturday May 12, 2012
My Harlem Baby USA–from Broadway to Riverside

thank you. thank you. thank you.
I am very grateful to you and GREAT Full.
‘ofa lahi atu.

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Mi Mama

Litia Makakaufaki.
Litia Makakaufaki Niumeitolu.

I carry your name. I carry your Mother’s Name.  I carry your Father’s name.
I carry all of your names.
You are truly the Greatest. Mama.
from Tonga to TVA in Lai’e, Hawa’ii to the Trailer Park to the Suburbs in Utah to NYC to Italy to South Africa and beyond…
Anything I said I wanted to do, you were right there to say, Yes, it can be done.
You are my Infinite possibilities. You are my it shall me done.
You are my Millionaire Communities.
You are my Maka. You are my rock.

Because you are, I am.

I am your youngest daughter.
I am your biggest fan.
I am your artist.
I am your cake and pasta maker.
I am so grateful to you for giving me life.
I am so grateful to you for giving me a GREAT life.

Malo ‘aupito Mama.

Thank you Mama.
Thank you Mama.
Thank you Mama.

(we are all standing for you. *giving you a standing ovation.* insert applause now.)

‘Ofa lahi atu Mama.

Mi Familia: L to R: Mum, to back row: Loa, sister, Fui, sister and our first cousin, Sepi, Dad. front row: Me, ‘Amelia, sister and David, brother. Laie, Hawai’i. Standing in front of the Mormon (LDS) Temple in Hawa’ii.

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RE POEM. para Palestine. para all of us.

para Palestine. para all of us.
vaimoana litia makakaufaki niumeitolu
Harlem Baby USA
may 9, 2012


re access



At 7.30 this morning (9 May) a small group of Palestinian prisoner solidarity activists in Ramallah swooped down on the United Nations compound in Ramallah. They blocked the main gate and doorway, preventing entrance to the UN building. UN employees have been turned away, sent home for the day. They are protesting against the UN’s lack of action for the 2000+ Palestinian prisoners currently on hunger strike in Israeli jails…
Full report:

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