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trying to keep up…

my dearest beautiful mi gente, so much more to share. i want to share more today but will not.
I am in the midst of: printing T-Shirts and sending out personalized notes and orders, writing feedback for the completion of my upcoming website, doing laundry, updating moanalove bodega for new orders to come through, resting and taking care of myself (i felt the sniffles and a cold coming on today–no, stand back <insert my vitamin c and air borne> i’m resting too!), prepping for tomorrow, and eating some rice and beans, that’s what I am craving right now and staying grounded in my dreams fulfilled.
and its already 10:08 pm.
i wanted to post today. so this is what i got. this is for you.
check the visuals. i love you. te amo. te amoana. i love myself. ‘ofa atuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

a many, many days in the dark room/red room! i learned so much about the emulsion process!!! i learned so much from my mistakes...never give up

Car Wash anyone? Yes, that's where I wash all my screens!

My latest T-Shirt design titled, "Eye Am the Eye of the Storm"

"Frida Kahlo Mixes Paint" in GOLD ink on a BLACK t-shirt--Fieeerceeee!

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ohhhhhhh, it just turned after midnight…i missed posting for dec. 19, 2011. what a magical day!

just finished having a spectacular dinner/sharing/convos/connection with my 2 amazing gurlfriends C and M. thank you hermanas! gonna FREESTYLE this.

letting go of pain through pain-ting joy
no more drama, no more pain
we all on a new rocket ship
yogurt covered pretzels
butterscotch couch of comfort, safety and home
receiving blessings
in abundance.
you got me.
i got you.
i got you universe, i know you got me.

heart (candle) flames

conjuring the ocean, feeling the cowry, cowries got my back

we still growing

‘ofa atu.
i’m gonna stay up all night working on my moana love boedega–getting orders out before christmas, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support and love and magic.

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Ayiti Love: live painting; werk, werk, werking it

Peace Mi beautiful people,
this whole past week–wow, yes, Saturday is almost over!–as my hermano Oja says, “I’ve been on tha grind.” My deepest apologies for not checking in with y’all for the past few days–lo siento, mucho siento. I have to make up some writing days in my journal and on my blog, please bear with me.
this week I have been WERKING IT. Yes, that’s right mi gente, WERKING IT. I’m not just WORKING, I have been weeerrrking–like for real real. I have been in my own “sweat shop” (Yes, I take all my breaks, I have my own bathroom breaks and I can eat whenever I want but preetty much I am focused and I get into my “werk zone”) printing my latest T-shirt desgin, “Eye AM the Eye of the Storm” and more “Frida Kahlo mixes Paint” T-Shirts. I have been getting orders from all over (THANK YOU SO MUCH PEOPLES!) from Alaska to Utah to Connecticut to most in HAWA’II, whooop, whooop! Thank you, thank you, thank you, muchas gracias, malo ‘aupito! I will have to share with you later on…as in pictures…I will have to send out pictures to you later on. Not tonight. It’s almost midnight and for real, I must go to sleep, I am really exhausted and I must wake up at 6 am tomorrow.
…Speaking of Ayiti Love, earlier tonight I painted live at this event, which I was so happy to! Mi hermano from another mother y father, Oja and his partner, Vanissa, put together this amazing event/fundraiser for Ayiti, specifically for these 2 young men to go to college and complete, so that they may be Doctors. Check out info below. Please donate, send positive love and prayers! I send all my love to you! Thank you to Kathie Check for these pictures of me painting tonight…’ofa atuuuuuuu world. I will definitely post tomorrow and there after.

ACD Media ( Presents….
(Lekol = School in Ayisen)
Lekol is an event geared at educating people about why Haiti and her people deserve the dignity and respect that has been so lacking in the aid and services that have been contributed by international organizations since the catastrophe of January 12th, 2010. Before one even considers boarding a plane to help the people of Haiti, they should know about the true history and culture of her people, in order to contribute to providing a hand in creating real, lasting self-determination moving forward.

We will gather to hold a space for dialogue, to begin to actively decolonize the history of Haiti as we know it, look at Haiti’s contributions to people’s struggles around the globe and follow some of the action that is promising for the future. Including: guest speakers, a photo and audio exhibition, a silent auction, a short screening, food, music and tabling by ally organizations.

WHERE: Yippie Cafe & Museum
9 Bleecker Street between Lafayette and Bowery in Manhattan
WHEN: Saturday, December 17th, 2011 5PM-9:30PM & 10PM-3AM
5PM-9:30PM (upstairs) Exhibit-Dialogue-Artist Performances

10PM-3AM (lower level) After Party – A celebration of Haiti’s contributions to universal human rights. It will Feature live DJs. *See the end of this correspondence

F train to Broadway/Lafayette or the 6 train to Bleecker Street
FOR MORE INFORMATION: call Vanissa (917) 995-6495 or email: with Lekol in the subject line
Cost: $10 at the door. All proceeds will go to helping two young men from the Delmas 75 area of Port-au-Prince return to school and to the documentation of the building of an Earthship in Haiti!

Photos & Audio exhibit by ACD Media’s Vanissa Chan, Ludger Balan & Oja Vincent

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a walk ~ caminando

dear world, mi universe:
today i woke up so happy! i woke up in nyc.
you know, i love this city like none other.
and today i took a (self) love walk in fort tryon park.
it was fun. breathtaking. simple. gentle.
life is beautiful.

i wanted to share my walk in pictures.
this is my first walk around fort tryon park. the first of many!
***i love taking pictures of leaves/trees/color/life. On this walk, I specifically challenged myself to look at my world in a different way/using my eyes in a different way/using my camera in a different way/walking a different way/looking at others in a different way/interacting with the world in a different way that i normally do/ practicing being open to endless and other possibilities.
Life has just begun.

for you, from me with love.

welcome to my NYC!
the last picture is called “gingko leaf corazón”

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