my name is vaimoana litia makakaufaki niumeitolu.
poet. writer. painter. maker. actor. storyteller. performer. playwright. educator. student. teacher. filmmaker in the making. builder. creator. joy-er. healer. cryer. laugher. full-time lover.
indigenous. indigo. inspired. inshallah.
vivid color. aliveness. beauty. freedom. safety.
gemini. virgo and umbuntu rizing. moon in scorpio. don’t be skeeerd.
foodie. photog of everything i eat and see.  have a meal with me and you will see.
gummi bear connoisseur.
boxer y beatboxer in training.
nueva capoierista.
born in nuku’alofa, tonga. raised in hawai’i and utah. grown up and growing up in mi nueva york city.
nyc is home.

Mo El Barrio 1


2 thoughts on “bio

  1. Hello sister. We all support the petition against how they answered us that they didn’t imagine this was Fijian Massi and farther oceanian intangible heritage. It seems that my mail number given up is not loading. Could I transmit it down here ?

  2. toru tara says:

    Thank you for alerting us to this and yes we are now busily writing email to her and facbook families will come on board because this is not okay.

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