Dreams Fulfilled. Ask & you shall receive.

Photo by the dude in in the park we asked to take our picture so Will can be in it! Thank you!
From L to R: Carol, Nyaae, JL, Sisa, Moana, Espe, Sally y Imani. Center: Will

Like for reals, today was AWESOME! Actually this whole week was awesome. Actually this whole month was AWESOME!

I woke up at 4:30 am today for my 1st Photo Shoot of my brand new T-Shirt/fashion clothing company re:spect. Everything just fell into place, perfectly. Yes, there were minor breaks downs here and there but it never broke the flow. I learned so much today about doing fashion photo shoots, huge amounts, I can’t wait for the next one! However, what was so great about today was that I was 100 percent present to that the Universe loves me, the Universe loves us. One of the locations we had our Photo Shoot was under the bridge near Fair way and we saw that someone spray painted on one of the columns, “poem” in pink. Everyone kept on saying, “Did you write that? Did they know we were coming?” Yes, they did. Yes, they did. The Universe loves us. Another beautiful thing that happened today out of so many, was that no one lost anything or got anything stolen. We were in 5 different locations outside today. Everyone went home with what they brought with them. The Universe loves us.

I asked for a clear blue sky. Check. Got it.
I asked for amazing, beautiful, talented and fierce people. Check. Got it.
I asked for a Fabulous day of fun and joy. Check. Got it.
I asked for Love to give and to receive. Check. Got it. Love surrounds me constantly.

Thank you everyone for making my dream a reality. I can’t wait to see the final photos y video! Coming soon…Muchas gracias William Orellana, Sisa Bueno, Insytephotography Tweet Iveephotography, Esperanza Martell, Erika Nyaae, Jana Lynne Umipig, Carol Serrano, Sally Hyppolite, Dominque and thank you so mucho Gab*StarGabriella Callender for all your support y love! I know you performed AMAZING tonight!! I’m so sorry I missed it Sister! Dreams Fulfilled.

1st Photo Shoot for re:spect
Photographer1: William Orellana
Filmmaker/Documenter: Sisa Bueno
Photographer 2: Imani, Insyte Photography
Accessories Artsit: Sally Hypollite DIVINE DESIGNS for the (god’is) in you
Photography Assistant & Production: Carol Serrano
Models: Espe, JL, Nyaee, Dominique, Imani and Carol
Creator: vaimoana litia makakaufaki nniumeitolu aka Moana Love
Saturday May 12, 2012
My Harlem Baby USA–from Broadway to Riverside

thank you. thank you. thank you.
I am very grateful to you and GREAT Full.
‘ofa lahi atu.

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