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para Papa

I can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks: you, Mama, ‘Amz y more!
I can’t wait to eat some Tongan food, yo, manioke with lupulu, coconut milk, yo!
Ahhhh, I can’t wait to see the Pasefika Ocean.
I can’t wait to see you, hug you, tell you how much I love you.
I get you. I got you. Thank you for choosing to be my father.
Thank you for always being there for me.
Thank you for giving your life, so that I can have the best life
I have now. Ahhhhh, Thank you.
‘Ofa atu Teti! Happy Birthday!
Life has just begun.

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Day 13, Poems #3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 (Happy Birthday Teti!!!)

In just a few minutes, it will be Friday April 13, 2012.

Today is my father, Tangata Niumeitolu’s 74th Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Teti!!! ‘Ofa lahiiiii atuuuuuuuu!
I thank you for giving me life. I thank you for all my gifts. I thank you for all my talents. I thank you for my love for art. I thank you for my love of culture y language. I thank you for waking up, even to this day, at 5 am every morning, just to make me breakfast (If I was in Utah with you and Mama, I know we would eat breakfast every morning together), to make sure I always have something to eat 🙂 Thank you Papa! Malo ‘aupito para Mi vida!!! ‘OFA LAHI ATUUUUUUUUUU!

This Series of haiku’s are titled, “ALL ABOUT MY FATHER.”

You are Tangata
You cry and share your feelings
You are a real man
*Tangata in Tongan means man

is what you gave me today
I use it wisely

You always had it
We are from Tonga you said
The World needs us now

Embrace the ‘ofa
This language you want to
speak daily here, now

Cold turkey, Not one
Sip, Gulp, Swallow, of poison
You kept your promise

4 daughters, 1 son
10 grand children, blood cancer heart
wife, home, Tonga, happiness

My Hero, Doctor, Love
Your Father, My Grandfather
Family Forever

You are not home here
You want to be over there
ocean side, mangos

I send you all your
favorites: chocolate and
spam, manioke

My favorite thing
to do with you was to buy
gummi bears for us

I thought you did not
care. I was very wrong y
Happy Birthday Dad!

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You are invited to my 1st SILK SCREENING WORKSHOP in NYC!

Since I started silk screening like nobody’s business, I have gotten countless requests to teach a Silk Screening workshop, well, here it is folkz, moana love style…

 I will be leading a SILK SCREENING WORKSHOP 101 (Basics, get the fundamentals) on Mon. April 30, 2012; 7 pm – 9:30 pm in New York City!!

Registration Fee: $255.00 (5 scholarships available!)
Deadline to Register: Mon. April 23, 2012; midnight

–Maximum capacity: 40 PARTICIPANTS ONLY. Why 40 participants? We are building a community. I believe that everything you need and want is within y/our community. Everyone will have the opportunity to not only gain the skills of Silk Screening but they will also be able to meet and build with people…and who knows, maybe even create a team or even collective of “silk screen educators/ artists/ activists”…the possibilities are endless.

–Refreshments will be served. (There just has to be some food, punto. period.)

Your registration also includes:
***workbook and curriculum
***resource & materials guide
***follow up coaching sessions

I honor art making and its history AND I know any art form can be used as a tool for social justice and empowerment, we aint making Art just for Art Sake’s Silly. We are more than just a pretty face, right. I created this workbook and curriculum just for you and your students to know where silk screening comes from, how it’s been used over time, who has done it and how it has and can make a huge impact on the world. Also, I strongly believe in “Paying it Forward” and that is one of the reasons I am an Educator and Teacher–I want to teach you what I got, so you can teach another what you got. I strongly encourage Teachers and Educators to register for this workshop, so they may teach their students. You do not have to be a Teacher and/or Educator in a School System or Institution, you can be a person that can teach this to folks (young and old, tall and short, get it?) in your neighborhood, community center, church, mosque or synagogue; and the list goes on and on. I have created a workbook for you (and your students) and curriculum, that you can use to “Pay it Forward.”

When I started to learn how to do Silk Screening on my own, I did not see any one Resource and/or Materials guide online or elsewhere. I had to ask many people for advice; I went to many places for materials and figured out where to get the best; I practically figured out and learned on my own. With my experience and practice, I compiled a list of resources, stores and found materials (meaning free!) you can use to make your journey easier! (The list of stores and organizations are only in NYC.)

Silk Screening (like many things you are just learning) takes practice and experience. Ok, so you finished my workshop, you got all the knowledge, NOW its up to you to take that knowledge into power and do it. This can be a little daunting when you are ON YOUR OWN and wanting to do it the right way. Don’t worry, you won’t be on your own just yet…you can call me. Included in your fee, are 3 follow up coaching calls with me. You can use this anytime while you are “practicing.” Maybe your image did not burn through, what is the problem? Call me and we can figure out together what you can fix. These follow up coaching calls are AWESOME. I want to make sure that you can do silk screening on your own!

Moana Love, also known as Mo Money, M-Boogie, and Moana, is a multi-gifted artist, Teacher & Educator, and Activist.
In the past 3 months she has be doing workshops for City University of New York, reaching over 1,500 high school students! She loves learning, teaching, reading and sharing her knowledge and perspective of art, art making, social justice, empowerment and love. She is currently working on , “BELL. LOVE. ROOTS. 8 MURALES” collaborating with South Region Middle School 2B Arts and Media Academy of Bell, California (Bell is a city in Los Angeles County, California) in painting 8 grand scale Murals representing the community and their legacy. She is committed in making a difference every where she goes and being in the presence of every human being on the planet. She can’t wait to meet you!

Born Vaimoana Litia Makakaufaki Niumeitolu, Moana is a Poet, Painter, and Actor. She was born in Nuku’alofa, Tonga; raised in Hawa’ii and Utah; and now lives, creates and loves in NYC. She is the founder of Mahina Movement, the phenomenal all woman trio who have performed on over 400 stages including having performed with Angela Davis, Amiri and Amina Baraka, Tony Kushner, Noam Chomsky, Sonia Sanchez, Deepak Chopra, Kool Herc, Suheir Hammad, Sarah Jones, Dead Prez and countless others. Moana is the author of a poetry, performance text, and visual art chapbook, tonga provo harlem. Moana has traveled and shared her poetry & painting all over the US and in Fiji, Tonga, Ireland, Italy, and South Africa. She has been seen acting at the Metropolitan Opera and sharing her one woman show, Tongue-in Paint, which had it’s world premiere at soloNOVA’s 5th Annual Arts Festival at Performance Space 122 in NYC. Her other production, A Prayer for Tonga, premiered at Harvard University. She graduated from New York University in painting and performance, earned the Ellen Stoekel Fellowship/fulll scholarship in painting & drawing from Yale University and attended Columbia University’s Graduate Program in Acting.

–please register online, and go to my moana love bodega:
You are going to click on the 1st product option titled, ONE Registration for SILK SCREENING WORKSHOP; April 30, 2012. Once you have registered, you will get an email from me that will include the location and your ticket to attend the workshop.
–I understand if you can not pay by credit card, please email me: and I can send you some other options.
–any other questions, problems or comments: please email me directly:

Be a (Social) Butterfly and fly over here:

***If you want me to come to your Classroom, Organization or Home and do a workshop, please contact me directly:

arte, paz, amor y felicidades,
‘ofa atu,

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Day 2, Poem#2

creating possibility aqui
vaimoana litia makakaufaki niumeitolu
Harlem Baby USA

first of all,
i can
i gotta give up
what’s not
& get to a place

i’m giving up
i don’t make no difference
i’m giving up
i’m fat and ugly, i can’t stop eating cookies
give me chocolate, i gotta have this
i’m giving up
i can’t reach my goals
what’s the use
this aint cool
no one cares
hello, do you see me?
i’m giving up
i failed and i am failure
it doesn’t feel good
it doesn’t feel like i’m successful
failing sucks, who said its the winning formula?
you aint listening
i’m giving up
i gotta be perfect
cuz damn, i aint and i don’t wanna be

i’m giving up
the world is evil
it chups to be human
on this planet
too much, too much
people suck
i hate people
go away
i aint listening
i aint strong all the time

i’m giving up
i gotta be strong all the time
i’m giving up
you gotta be strong all the time

i’m giving up
you aint got me
i’m not the one
your gonna hurt me

i’m giving up
i can’t make a difference
i’m giving up
i am not
connected to

yes, giving alllllllllllll
of that up

now, i’m at nothing

in this nothingness
this blank canvas
this space to create
i’m now painting
creating possibility
i’m creating
with you
and me
i’m creating
we all make a difference
and i will hold you to it
please hold me to it
i am the one
we are the ones
we have been creating for

i’m creating
we listen to each other
as powerful people
who are gentle and funny
yes, we funny
and we serious about our laughter
cuz we bring the joy aqui
in shit, in chaos,
in sunrise or moonlight

i’m creating ‘OFA
i love with my whole heart
and there is nothing to break
cuz my love aint a plate or vase
my love is air and ocean
ever sourceful, we all got it
Somos ‘Ofa
‘Ofa atu

i’m creating you/me
joy, freedom and love
leadership y paz
and sugar y debt free-dom

i’m painting aqui
i’m listening aqui
i’m praying aqui
i’m singing aqui
i’m laughing aqui
i’m loving aqui
i’m creating aqui

Fri. March 30, 2012; Spitting Poesia at Closing of International Women's Exhibit at Rio Gallery, Broadway Housing Communities; Harlem; NYC, NY

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Happy Poetry Month! I’m doing the challenge. Today is Day 1. Here is my 1st poem:

te amoana
vaimoana litia makakaufaki niumeitolu
Harlem World USA

i said siempre
you said never leave
you never wanted to hold
like holding the string of a
pink balloon of helium
with your foot
you can’t hold down what
you are surrounded by

you said siempre
i said i will leave
free you/myself
dreams fulfilled
fly away
flying is like walking to me
i wanted to run with you
you wanted to drive
your truck with me right
next to you
you drove
to new york
to virginia
too far

you came up with
te amoana
texted it
spoke it
laughed  it
thought you smart
word play
with heart play
but i believed it
te amo
i love myself