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Millionaire Joy

You don’t have to tell me twice. You don’t have to pay me. You don’t have to remind me or set your alarm or watch. You don’t have to use force. You don’t have to flatter me or compliment me. No need for manipulation or cohersion. You don’t have to like it or even love it. I’m gonna keep on keeping on. This can never go bankrupt. Checks will never be bounced from this “account.” I don’t got to hide this “stash.”  I don’t fear someone will rob me or steal this—for they have their own and I will show you, if you wish.  I get pure joy from doing my ART. That’s right, for the JOY of it. Doing my ART (poetry, painting, acting, photography, graphic design, y mas) is not work but JOY. No one has to tell me to do it or pay me (UNIVERSE, thank you for giving me the blessings of people & community purchasing my ART, axe. YAY! I can make a living from what I LOVE and what gives me and others JOY!) This joy is forever ever. This joy is worth more than millions—its infinite  and the source is everlasting. Yep, Unstoppable Abundance, right heeee-aaa.
I am doing exactly what I said I was going to do with my life and that’s what keeps me going.
This is what I call a millionaire’s life—JOY. ABUNDANCE. LOVE. Can’t buy that. Not for sale. Purely generated organically straight from my heart.

What’s your Joy? What is something you can do every day for the rest of your life that gives you pure satisfaction?  What makes you feel like you are walking on PURE GOLD?

I love my family! Check it out, I’m taking you back, where my sister, Fui, was the Tongan Madonna, for reals…

~My sisters y brother in Provo, Utah in the Trailer Park where I grew up~ L to R: Me, holding a homemade carebear, My Sister, 'Amz, My Sister, Fui and My brother, David. 'Ofa atu!

P.S.> Check out this link for my upcoming workshop, reading (I will be in CHICAGO!), performances with Mahina Movement y I am the VAGINA MONOLOGUES!!!!–UNITED-NATIONS–CHICAGO–y-mas—.html?soid=1109315887457&aid=fLx60TgQfEE

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On my way

I’m on the bus as I write this. I am on Bolt bus (you betta recognize this, shout out to Bolt Bus and our awesome busdriver, who greeted us with, “Good Morning family! I hope you don’t mind me calling you Family, for you are my family!) riding from Washington D.C to mi NuevaYorkCity this morning. Gotta get back to NYC by this afternoon to teach a workshop in the Bronx. I can make it. #Let’sGetIt! #ASAP!
I woke up this morning at 4 am…stayed in bed til 4:55 am and then actually rised and shined to head out to catch the train at 5:41 am to Washington D.C.

I get now more than ever that being on my way is where I’m going to be constantly and that is where life happens…and that is where life is happening….now….and now…and now…and forever…There is no where to get. It’s all a journey. Doesn’t stop. Ohhhh, is that where being Unstoppable comes from? We are constantly going aka learning aka gaining experiences aka living aka getting the “present.”

I share with you “my present” this morning as we left Wash D.C. Please see below the sunrise. I have not seen the “sunrise” or “sunset” for quite a long time now. It reminded me, that we too, on tha daily, are always rising and setting. And that we are on our way…again…again..and again. We are unstoppable. Life continues. Life has just begun!

For you, From me, with LOVE. I miss my family in Utah y California. Shout outz to them and immense holding y loving arms

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re:spect is in da howwwSEE!

I thought I told you that we don’t stop, we don’t stop, uh huh huh huh…I’m very excited to announce NOW you can PURCHASE ONLINE my latest CREATIONS!!!

My latest T-shirts are available on my MOANA LOVE BODEGA, check ’em here:


SHARE THE LOVE...'ofa atu! Wear your LOVE/ALOHA/'OFA on your heart!

I am planning my work, working my plan in getting my first LOOK BOOK, so I am booking Models and Photographers as I write this…I am so excited, so happy, so yayyyyyyyy (that’s a feeling I would like to express!)

Brookly got ALOHA, no doubt

Ayiti we rep you! All day, all week!

Ayite Love para siempre!

Ayiti: alwayz in our prayers, always in our heartz

Palestine, WE LOVE YOU!


I’m working on my dream of dream T-Shirts and I will be making these Nueva T-Shirts this weekend, which includes this:

Harlem Baby USA

All these FABRICS, COLORS y DESIGNS/PATTERNS for ME = INSPIRATION…coming soon, Nueva TShirts/Clothing from re:spect!!!….stay tuned!

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Millionaire Communities

Poor. Shame. Broken. Broke. Brokeeddddd. Not good enough. Scarcity. Scared. Not enough.
These were the beliefs and thoughts I had about myself. I am realizing and making my self aware on the daily, THESE ARE JUST CONVERSATIONS. I can shift the conversation at anytime. ..

Do we grow out of our scarcity conversations? YES. HEAVEN YES. WE MUST. A good indicator I give myself to let myself know I am in an abundance conversation is when I do not have this conversation: Keep on comparing myself to my past–this is good enough for a Tongan Kid. This is good enough for someone who grew up in a Trailer Park.

So much has been going on for me, even just in these past few days, that I have so MUCHO MUCH to SHARE! So please STAY TUNED, as I get all my thoughts, ideas, pictures and videos together to share with you on this blog!

We are not just one Millionaire.
What we buy feeds us, sustains us, goes back into the community.
We INVEST in us: our culture, our history, our education, our beauty, our community.

check it.

Millionaire Communities Launching Now! Feb. 2012!

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