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making LOVE, making BEAUTIFUL

Dearest Moana, I was about to wish that your every dream come true. That you find yourself surrounded by friends, laughter, and good times. I almost wished that your every cup runneth over financially, romantically, spiritually, and creatively. That good health be your faithful companion, peace your guarded ally, and love your perpetual guide. When suddenly, it dawned on me that as an infinite, powerful, fun-loving gladiator of the Universe, with eternity before you and the power of your thoughts to help shape it… it’s you Moana Niumeitolu, who will be granting wishes this year.
10… 9… 8… 7… 6…
The Universe

This is it. This is what I was meant to do, this is what I was meant to be, this is what makes me happy:
Making love present everywhere I go, anywhere, all times, any time, every time. How am I going to bring the love, you ask? Through making BEAUTIFUL things–my painting, my poetry, my acting, my T-Shirts/clothing in re:spect, moana love bodega, creating, learning, digging and finding the BEAUTIFUL in everything around me –I just want to bring the beauty y’all!

The previous post I told you that I was going to create specific intentions and goals for the moana love blog, which obviously, had me be really, super duper clear, with my purpose in this life which is: Making Love in everything I do, see, feel, speak, conjure, ordain, create, disappear, let go, let in, reveal–all of it, will be with LOVE. I love that I will be making Love to my life! I will be swooning, hugging, kissing my every day(and afternoon y night) and my every challenge and accomplishment. Making Beautiful is how I will see myself and others, our world, in all my art, in all my relationships, how I interact, involve and evolve, focus, work and play. In other words, (I’m a poet and I also grew up in La’ie, Hawa’ii, where I loved speaking me some Hawa’iann pidgin, so I love saying it this way “making beautiful.” But for clarity’s sake), saying it another way, Bringing the Beautiful in Life itself, for the sake of nothing and no reason, just living my life to the most beautiful way possible/impossible/I’m possible because that is what makes me happy.
So, that said, this brings me to the intentions of the moana love blog for the Nueva Year 2012 and beyond:
1) Making Love and Making Beautiful: I will be bringing, showing and sharing all my LOVE in every post, every word and every picture on this blog. I will be bringing the “Beautiful” from where I find beauty: uhhh hemmmm, straight from my artist statement and I quote, “People’s daily lives of courage and strength inspires me and my art (my paintings, my poetry and my acting) is a reflection, pondering and sharing of that inspiration. I want my art to bring out the beauty and resilience of people’s lives that deal with circumstances–such as rape, disease, hunger, poverty, racism, drugs, incarceration, war and/or destitution.” I love to look at and bring out the beauty in not just surviving but striving in our lives.
2) I will be sharing and documenting my journey of being a <insert Moana clearing her throat> Business woman. Yes, a- my-Art-is-my-Business, let-me-make-it-your-Business, I-will-be-handeling-my-Business woman. I am the CEO, mi gente, of my own mi vida. Being an immigrant; coming from an immigrant family from Tonga; growing up in a trailer park in Provo, Utah; being a young woman of color; being a Dreamer, an Artist, a Visionary, an Activist, a Healer, a Community Builder and Organizer, a Grassroots Builder–all these things, that may not give me access or the mentality “to be successful in Business,” are only making me more determined and fierce in my art-businistic (Like that, I put artisitc and business together. Anything really is possible.) endeavors and path. I can have access to anything and everything. It’s all right there at my finger tips–I get this NOW. <start snapping> Don’t you know, I came to NYC at age 18 with only $1.76 in my pocket. I’m all over this. <insert Moana’s whut! whut! face and gesture; attach Brooklyn attitude with it> This means, I will be sharing everything I learn along the way with you. If I can do it, yoooooo, you best believe, you can do it too. We can do this together yo. I’m so tired of dwelling in my own “fears” of  “I can’t do it, I don’t know how to create my own business from my art” or “Let me just do what I know for now, work at a job (which Iyanla Vanzant says,”a JOB is a Just Over Broke”) where I can get paid and do my art on the side.” I’m tired of being “broke” for a period of time and then having lots of money in another period of time. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of not having financial freedom, financial independence and financial abundance with myself and within my community. I’m tired of hearing the words and phrases: “barely making it,” “we don’t got the money,” “that’s too much,” “we can’t afford that” which makes us “we’re not good enough.”  These words and phrases have been haunting me my whole life. I no longer heed to them–I’m taking them to the street and I’m knocking ’em out <insert Moana in her pink boxing gloves> and I’m saying, No mo’, No mo’, I aint going down like that and neither is my community. Enough is Enough. There. Yeahhhh, that’s right. We want to be surrounded by Abundance? Yo, we got to bring the ABUNDANCE. We are enough. We have everything we need to get everything we want.
3) I will be sharing my KNOWLEDGE(is power) and EXPERIENCE(the best Teacher), and all RESOURCES in what I do best.

Here is what you can look out for and count on, in the year 2012, in the moana love blog:
***Making Art: look out for posts in making your own: (I will put this under DIY, which stands for Do It Yourself)
-silk screen frames/stretching nylon (we don’t use silk anymore, baby)
-canvas frames/stretching canvas
-priming canvas
-silk screen prints for T-Shirts,paper, etc.
-cool unique gifts for your friends for any occasion, including: cards, gift wrap, body butters, clothing, notebooks,
I will also dedicate certain posts to:
-painting tips (and for the beginners, how to paint )
-drawing tips (and for the beginners, how to draw)
-how to use and choose the perfect “power tools” (do you dream of getting gift certificates to Home Depot? do you want to add to your collection of power and freedom?)

-how to book yourself/your performance company at various venues and Colleges/Universities
-how to create a general contract for yourself/your performance company
-what makes a great performance from a good performance
-how to create your own tour (I will be giving you first hand experience on this one, because Mahina Movement will be going on our first tour in Sept. 2012. As I learn the in’s-and-out’s-and-over’s, you will too!)
–how do you get started?

***Teaching or what I call, Edu-mama-cating:
-how do you become a Teaching Artist
-resources for art & social justice curriculum
-how to create your own curriculum for your self/your own organization
-lesson plans for art in math, art in english, art in science (Art is everywhere! Do you want your students/children to excel in math, english and/or science? Bring the Art!)

and yes, I dare say,
***Business: I will share every book, blog, I read and inspiring quote and conversation I have, in creating and having my own successful business. I know for myself, I asked myself the questions, “Well, where do I start?”  “How do I start?” “What do I even look for?”

I will share…now…press start…Let’s begin


"The Artist's Guide: How to Make a Living doing what you love" by Jackie Battenfield

Truly, I think this is the Bible, Koran y/or Book of Mormon for allllllll Artists –I went to Art School, yo, Why didn’t they teach us from this book? Or even tell us about this book!!! Jackie Battenfield B-R-E-A-K-S IT DOWN. For Realz. I have read, re-read, continue to read this book, done the exercises, made copies for my friends (shhhhhh), I have been seen on the Subway reading this book with full focus, I have even missed many stops, a many a time.   I first read about this book on Favianna’s blog last year when she first posted this (read more about her below under the blogs I suggest you follow and read) you can read it here at this link, click here:

“Getting Things Done” by David Allen(Thank you to my gurl, Marie Varghese) In just reading the first 2 chapters, already I am stress-free and more productive. It makes practical, real sense. Let’s get it, yo. Let’s get things done.


Seth Godin
Every post is gold. Like for real real. I have been reading every post of his for the past 3 years, is it, or it it 4?  There is not one post I didn’t like. This is what I have to say on how he talks about business, in my own words, I quote, “This is the business I want as my business.” Here is one line from his post today: You don’t need a new plan for next year. You need a commitment. oooouuuuishhhhhhh. Yo, if Seth Godin was a spoken word Poet, people would be snapping all day for him.

Jasmine Star
She really is a super star and business woman in her own right. There is no surprise that she has 50,734 fans on Facebook (I am one of them). I learned so much from her already and I have already included her tips in my creating and sustaining my own business. If your not into the “wedding photography,” look past that and see that she brings her own personal style, her kindness and her super generosity. Plus her writing and personality is very entertaining–this gurlll is funnnnny.  Her blog is super inspiring and she gives amazing tips in having your own business. She is the CEO of her own successful business and she just started about 7 years ago.

Promise Tangeman
She is Jasmine Star’s graphic designer–enuf said, you can’t go wrong. Promise gives great tips, advice and new links all the time in having your own business. She is also the CEO of her own successful business. Her style is contagious and she’s just coooool and confident in being who she is and what she likes.

<<<I NEEDS to interject here…I will post about my meaning and definition of “success” in upcoming posts. What I have meant so far in using the word, “success”, is hard cold cash. No, for real. I meant hard cold results. These folks, get the results and therefore, get the cash, in a sustaining and stable way. I do not have these kinds of examples in my own community right now: I can not honestly say, yes, that person, is making $50,000.00 or more from their art. (Ohh, wait, I do have an example, but he is not a an artist but he has made his own business, which makes more than $100,000.00 a year) I know there are and must be, people of color, women of color, who are “sucessful” in having their art as their business and who are relatable and would love to share their expertise. There’s got to be…right? Do you know of any? And I don’t mean J-Lo aka Jenny from the Block, creating her empire by shaking her booty–‘memba, no hating here, I got love for her, she’s getting hers. I mean, Sisters who are doing good work, good for the community and making a difference through their voice, their vision, their intellect and their spirit. They are receiving and giving to the community, not by their looks but how they do “business” and getting paid. Please email me. This is important to mention because, speaking from where I come from and my communities, the scarcity conversation happens all the time–you can’t find money in abundance, but you can sure find scarcity in abundance. The abundance conversation and financial freedom conversation is “scarce” in our conversations and needs to be in “abundance.” Let’s talk about all day, financial freedom, financial independence. And also, I want to put out there too, we are being real, right people? That what comes up for me is, those are white people, they got the access, they got the network. Well, my friends of a darker melanin, that’s when we come in…let’s start our business networks, have non-stop convos of financial freedom and abundance. That said, a resource I definitely will mention again and again is Debtors Anyonymous They have meetings everywhere in the world, I believe, and you get to be in a community of support towards your FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE y FREEEEEEEDOM. I have been to 2 meetings like 3 years ago, and I shall return in the new year.>>>

alright back to the program…

Favianna Rodriguez
She is super inspiring and really is the “Full Time Artist of the Community and Century” to the infinite degree. She is working all the time, every where in the world and she has a huge commitment to our communities, social justice and yes, ABUNDANCE. She is the CEO of her Artistic Talents and Gifts–and her success seeps and inspires us all. I got to meet her for the first time this past Summer when I was doing an Artist Residency at San Francisco State. She is so Nice–she gave me a gift!? Really?–and a powerhouse. I love me some Favianna.

***and of course, I can’t hold this out,
Spirituality: my love, my beauty, my life is sourced from the Spirit, God, Goddess, Gods and Goddesses, the Universe, my ancestors. I began this post with a “note from the universe” (You wanna get a note from the universe too, everyday, Monday through Friday? Well, YOU CAN, subscribe here: Again, thank you to my gurrlllll, Marie Varghese, who put me on to these notes) because it was so inspiring and it’s not only for me, this note is for you too. Whatever you believe in and don’t believe in, no matter what religion you belong to and definitely don’t belong to, I hope by sharing my spirit and my fully blown expressed spirituality does not impose on you! Remember, I am a Poet, a Painter, an Actor, an Artist, and the work I do is spirit work. From Alicia Anabel Santos today: “The way you make love is the way God will be with you.” ~Rumi
-I will share things that inspire me, lift me up: I hope for it to inspire and lift you up too!
-I will share about how our “spirit” must be included in our community, activist and movement building work
-I will share and learn old and new spiritual practices in my life

…and many, many more TOPICS , DIYs, breakthroughs, breakdowns, personal stories, possibilities, favorites and more! I’m very excited for the new year! <start chanting, “moana love blog got it going on!”>

The questions I have for you are: How do you make Love to your own Life? Where do you see Beauty? What are the things that are Beautiful to you and bring you Joy?

***I dedicate this post to the Great Kibibi Dillon who was a Super*Star in Making Love and Making Beautiful with her life and those around her. She was super young to be gone so soon. She died in a car accident only 2 days ago. Kibibi was one of the FUNNIEST PEOPLE, for super reals, stomach stiching and aching, soul jumping, on the planet. She was a different kind of comedian; her humor was smart, ya know, what I’m saying, it had pure chutzpah. She brought joy and happiness all over the world, where ever she performed, walked, and lived. She was deeply determined and fearless (Yo, she did stand up again and again, from NYC to California, you gotta be Fearless!) in her craft and life as an Actor, a Performer, a Comedian, an Artist. AND she was one of the kindest people in the word; you just felt so good being around her. Her honesty, her fierceness, so down-to-earth and so reaaaaallllll. She inspires me to bring the love and beauty of HUMOR in all my life. Thank you Kibibi, for sharing all your talents and gifts to the world. For sharing your light for all of us to shine. For igniting flames of love and joy in all of us. We all miss you and we love you. If you are in NYC and met Kibibi and honor her name, check out the event for tomorrow: I won’t be back in NYC ’till next week. I am there in spirit!In her own words and what she did best, Ladies and Gentlemen, give up a huge standing ovation for…drum roll, please, KIBIBI DILLON!!!

“Im an easy going sista who is in love with Art. I guess this means I’m in love with life. I am at peace when Im dwelling amongst other creators…I feel safe. I love the vibrations of rhythm born in my belly when Etta James belts buckets of blues. I stand humbled and amazed when a body lets the spirit take over while on stage.Im in love with the passion of all shades of RED and the humility of all shades of BLUE and if your heart beats to the rhythm of truth then part of me is in love with you too. Im funny by nature but im far from being a joke and Im not a Jamaican, but sometimes me smoke. I only love my mommas beans and rice but they are 3000 miles away so untill the holidays in my heart the longing will stay. I admit that sometimes Im wrong, but most times Im right and if I could do only one impossible thing… It would be out of sight! I’d love to breath in the world and laugh out what it taste like! hummmmm………….”
–Kibibi Dillon

click on this link:

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2012: Let’s get it! goals,intentions,declarations, uh hemmm….LIFE

2012! Here I come!

dear world,
4 more days until 2012 and of course, I have already been contemplating next year, planning new goals, declaring big dreams, following through on new outcomes–more than i ever dreamed of!
i want to fully first, do a 2011 year in review of myself, my goals, my results and my outcomes and complete an amazing year of what else can i say, AMAZINGNESS!

for real, real...yes, yes, axe, axe...i am exactly where i am.

i have learned so many new things this year, experienced so many new things, lived a whole new life–just from shifting perspectives.
when i started this blog the day before thanksgiving, i set out to post everyday and to write everyday. now in going through this experience blogging almost everyday, i can say, that i like doing it! i will officially call myself a blogista (i don’t like the word, blogger, it’s too close to booger) and i like that title. yeah, yeah.
i have been looking at, researching, experiencing, and feeling the “power” of blogs and other social media.
i just read that there are conferences you can attend to meet other blogistas/blogistos/bloggers and shares info. on how you can make a living off blogging! i did not know that at all, wow! <the things i learn everyday of my life, love it.>

which makes me think…

yesterday, i was thinking about what my intentions are for this blog, what my goals are.
first and foremost, i know and understand that it has to come out of my purpose in life which is:
connecting people to each other and their own humanity and making LOVE present (everywhere, anywhere, everyday)–I bring the LOVE.



okay, is all what i have to say for now.
gotta mail out some orders.
gotta create my new goals for the new year.
gotta make lunch.
gotta give thanks.
..y mas…

thank you.

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Happy Beautiful Birthday Beautiful Gab*Star!

dear world: today is an international holiday! today is Gabriella Callender’s Birfffday!!! yayyyyyy!
for real real, there would be no Me, no moana love, no vaimoana litia makakaufaki niumeitolu, if there was not Gabby present in my life!
I am so happy to share with you about Gabby! hip hop hooorayy yay yay: I have known Gabby for 11 years…I know we have known each other beyond this lifetime. Gabby is my best friend, my sister, my creative partner, my jokeStar, most favorite person in the whole entire world, for real real. I love you so much Gabby! Thank you for everything that you have given me and taught me and shared with me! I thank you for your friendship, your partnership, your truth, your beauty, your trust, your amazing food, your generosity, your warmth, your support, your encouragement, your humor, your pranks, your tricks, most importantly your LOVE! you have saved my life more than once. thank you, thank you, muchas gracias.
Everyone I know LOVES Gabby to bits and pieces and seashells and buttons…her whole life and life story is inspiring, courageous and freaking amazing. Born in Wingdale, New York and raised in Hollis, Queens, Gabby moved out of her home at the age of 16 years old. At her birth, she was taken from her biological mother and put into foster care. At age 4 she was adopted by a family in Hollis, Queens. She was sexually abused by her adopted brother for 11 years and she is not only a survivor but a SHERO! She taught herself how to play the guitar when she was 14 years old and has been playing ever since. Today she is the musical director and member of Mahina Movement, which we have performed on over 400 stages all over NYC and over the U.S. of A. In September 2012, we will be performing in Europe in 8 Cities, 5 countries in our “Souljourney Truth Tour.”
To you Gab*Star! Your presence is a gift to all of us! Thank you for making the world a better, happier, more peaceful and more beautiful place to live in! You make a difference for all of us,
with arroz con felicidades y arte, malo ‘aupito! ‘ofa atu my friend! To another year, 2012, we get what we want. yes, yes, axe, axe.

Gabby and the ocean

Gabby singing and performing at El Museo del Barrio, NYC

Gabby singing and performing at Occupy Wall Street, Sept. 2011

Gabby singing and performing at Occupy Wall Street, Sept. 2011

Gabby singing and performing at Occupy Wall Street, Oct. 2011

Listen to Gabby sing and play her song, “Sean Bell,” click here:

See and watch Gabby and Erica perform “Sugarland” in Union Square, NYC for hundreds of peeps:

Gabby performed in the moving, touching, inspiring, one of the best theater works I have seen in my whole life, “Secret Survivors”

Gabby was part of this project created by Amita Swadhin:

Gabby is featured in the documentary, “Anomaly.” It has been screened all over the world!

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here we come! 2012!

thank you, thank you, thank you!
as the nueva year comes, all i can think of right now is how much gratitude i have for all my family and friends!
how blessed i am to be with you, near you, talking with you, listening to you and loving you!
thank you for everything!!! i shall share my list of 211 things (i won’t be able to 200,110 things!) that were so great and special to me this year! coming soon…
pumpkin pie hugs.
vaniila sweet chocolate covered almonds kisses.
i love you.
‘ofa atu!

baby, we got to…

a poem in progress, freestyle this morning, maybe will be a song, this is what i’m feeling. you feel me?
i love you. te amo. te amoana. i love myself. universe entrada.

baby, we got to wait
each other, our world, our universe
we got to

baby, we got to eat
each wholeness, goodness, deliciousness
each others music
harmony in flesh
melody moving our bones
we got to, let’s do

baby, we got to hug
each other now
hug each leg and finger
hug my thighs and hug my belly
i’m hugging your hands between my
hugs of your skin and teeth
my smile hugging your smile
we got to, let’s do

baby, we got to laugh
now, all over each other
we got to, really, we have to
we must now
baby, let’s do it for
our ancestors
the world
each other
baby, we got to

baby, we got to
baby, we got to
baby, we got to
let’s do

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trying to keep up…

my dearest beautiful mi gente, so much more to share. i want to share more today but will not.
I am in the midst of: printing T-Shirts and sending out personalized notes and orders, writing feedback for the completion of my upcoming website, doing laundry, updating moanalove bodega for new orders to come through, resting and taking care of myself (i felt the sniffles and a cold coming on today–no, stand back <insert my vitamin c and air borne> i’m resting too!), prepping for tomorrow, and eating some rice and beans, that’s what I am craving right now and staying grounded in my dreams fulfilled.
and its already 10:08 pm.
i wanted to post today. so this is what i got. this is for you.
check the visuals. i love you. te amo. te amoana. i love myself. ‘ofa atuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

a many, many days in the dark room/red room! i learned so much about the emulsion process!!! i learned so much from my mistakes...never give up

Car Wash anyone? Yes, that's where I wash all my screens!

My latest T-Shirt design titled, "Eye Am the Eye of the Storm"

"Frida Kahlo Mixes Paint" in GOLD ink on a BLACK t-shirt--Fieeerceeee!

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the universe speaks

good morning,
I finally signed up for “the notes” from the universe. you should too. check it. look at website on the bottom of oath below. have a fantastic day!
‘ofa atu!



ohhhhhhh, it just turned after midnight…i missed posting for dec. 19, 2011. what a magical day!

just finished having a spectacular dinner/sharing/convos/connection with my 2 amazing gurlfriends C and M. thank you hermanas! gonna FREESTYLE this.

letting go of pain through pain-ting joy
no more drama, no more pain
we all on a new rocket ship
yogurt covered pretzels
butterscotch couch of comfort, safety and home
receiving blessings
in abundance.
you got me.
i got you.
i got you universe, i know you got me.

heart (candle) flames

conjuring the ocean, feeling the cowry, cowries got my back

we still growing

‘ofa atu.
i’m gonna stay up all night working on my moana love boedega–getting orders out before christmas, thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support and love and magic.

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For Colored Girls who have considered Life when we are the Rainbow for the World

(Okay, this is the last post for today. I am almost caught up with my posts.
Tomorrow I shall post twice just to be caught up with all my posts–I still need to catch up with writing in mi journal. Thank you for reading. Thank you for your listening.)

for all of us.

dear world: sending you all the colors of my rainbow and more…
‘Ofa atu.
Today really is a New Day.
Share your (true) COLORS.

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learning. love.

wrote this on dec. 13, 2011–posting it today, 5 days later, bear with me, while i catch up on my posts…

pronounced ka-le
not the kale rhyming with sale
can’t sell this
tongan way, español too
estoy aprendiendo…
red wine
cranberry y apple kisses
i’m learning from you
i have an idea
(christmas) light bulbs above our heads
i am embracing your confrontations
you confront my fears
we both wanted to be whole together
don’t work that way
we are both learning that we are whole on our own
gots to get it together
together we must give
what we never wanted to do in
our lives
too scary, too vulnerable, too tender
too stubborn
too passionate
too alive
too immature
too wise
too hole lee and
we only got one life
if we are together, do we get 2 lives?

i’m learning how to construct
you are learning to be a contractor
what is our contract? what can we construct together?
Let us forgive, forgive, FOR GIVE, each other
free each other
i got these aches in these red rock caves
you can scratch on these walls
paint the places i can’t reach
heart rock
we must share with each other
i want to swallow your fire over and over and over again
building a foundation
a house
a home
how did we attract each other?
how did we come together?

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